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Mines of Spain

(part of an ongoing series from Pastor Carl about activities during his sabbatical)

This week is not so much a look back as a look forward. My sabbatical was for 12 weeks;11 of those weeks were this last summer and the final week I am taking starting on Thursday, October 19.

This is confusing, but this post is not about my walk on the Camino nor about any of my time in Spain but about this weekend when I will be in Iowa. The Mines of Spain refers to a state recreation area in Dubuque, Iowa where I will be running my first 100 mile race. Yes, 100 miles. In fact, by the time you read this, I will already be on the trail as the race starts on Friday at 8am CST.  This is going to be a relatively brief post and I will share a little more about it next week.

100 miles? Yes, 100 miles.

In one day? That all depends. The race is such that from the start of the race, a runner has 33 hours to complete the course. I would like to do it in under 24 hours but it’s got a lot of hills on the course and so it may be a bit longer. My primary goal is to cross the finish line.

Why?  I am running this race for two reasons. The first reason is to challenge myself mentally and physically; 100 mile races are not only challenging physically and I want to test myself and see what I learn about myself along the way. The second reason is to support World Vision and their work in Congo with Covenant Kids Congo. Many of you are familiar with that work as I have shared in church about that before and a number of you sponsor kids there after our Chosen experience last summer.

I have put some more info about that below and if you want to support, there is a link.

From my fundraising page:

100 MILES!!  Why would anyone run that far? Why Carl? (some of you asked that when I ran 50 miles last year...)

Why? Because more than more than 800 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene and it doesn't have to be that way. Women shouldn't have to lose 200 million hours a day getting water for their families.

Why? I am running to help people learn about the lack of clean water and how we can work together with World Vision to make a difference. Since 2016 World Vision has reached 25 million people with clean water, halfway to their audacious goal of reaching 50 million by 2030.

That's why I am running 100 miles at the Mines of Spain in Dubuque, IA on October 20-21 this fall. It will be my first time attempting this distance but I am ready to take it on to see lives changed.

Am I asking you to run 100 miles? No, but I am asking you to consider donating to bring clean water and bring hope and healing.

$50 = clean water for 1 person

Will you invest in the future and provide clean water for 1, 2, 3, or even more people?

This year with a big race, I set a big goal. Instead of sponsorships though I am asking you to donate to bring clean water to individuals.

My goal: $10,000!

Running 100 miles. Raising $10,000. Those are big goals. But, keeping in mind the needs, I think these are goals we can meet.

Donate to World Vision


Donate to World Vision