Revelation 1:9-18

Journey through a moving narrative with our guest, John, who shares his intimate and life-altering experiences with Jesus Christ. From the humble beginnings of a fisherman alongside his brother James, to the awe-inspiring moments following Jesus, John opens up about the transformation he underwent after encountering the Messiah. He recounts the dark days of Jesus' crucifixion and the overwhelming joy of His resurrection, which not only fortified their faith but also set them on a path fraught with persecution as they spread the gospel. Hear John's poignant reflections from his exile on Patmos, where a vision commanded him to bear witness to the eternal reign of Christ and the assured hope of His return.

Have you ever longed for reassurance in times of turmoil? John's insights into the true meaning of Easter present a message of peace to all who seek it. He narrates how the risen Christ, declaring dominion over life and death, offered him solace and hope—a message he passionately passes on to us. Through his eyes,  grasp the promise of eternal life that Jesus extends to all believers, a promise that underpins our courage and invites us to trust in the One who has conquered the grave. This  poignant message from John will leave you with a renewed sense of hope and a deeper understanding of the everlasting life that Easter heralds.