Following the Lamb

In this series we look and listen at the images that John gives in the book of Revelation and what they say to us as followers of Jesus - to follow the lamb out of fallen Babylon and into God's new creation.

Partial list of resources used by Pastor Carl:

Main Resources
Reading Revelation Responsibly, Michael Gorman (excellent overview)

Revelation for the Rest of Us, Scot McKnight (focuses on reading Revelation for discipleship)

Discipleship on the Edge, Darrell Johnson

Revelation: Four Views, Steve Gregg; (parallel commentary of 4 different ways to understand Revelation)

Additional Commentaries
More Than Conquerors, William Hendricksen

Revelation: Holy Living in an Unholy World, M. Robert Mulholland

More Technical Works
The Theology of the Book of Revelation, Richard Bauckham

Revelation:The New International Greek Testament Commentary, Greg Beale